Skate Lite - Crown Point!

Cali Jeff Crown Point Mini Skate Lite Turtle Time

Congratulations to all the Crown Point homies!

If you have not heard yet, Cali Jeff and Turtle Time Tv put together an excellent video in collaboration with the local skaters. The video brought awareness to the condition of the Crown Point skate park and the dedication of the local skate community. 

They entered the video the "itty bitty shitty ramp" contest held by "Skate-Lite". 

The contest held offered a prize of 15 pieces of Skate Lite to a local ramp structure in major need of repair. As you may know: the current Crown Point skate park is in major need of repair. Cali Jeff and Turtle Time rounded up the locals and showed Indiana we're not ready to lose another local skatepark! (R.I.P. Portage) 

They submitted the video and have officially won the skate-lite and saved the Crown Point Mini!

If you have not got to check out the video they submitted yet, link below!

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